Oct 28, 2012

Watercolor WIP of a Post-Apocalyptic Illustration


I decided to bring you this "work in progress" of a Watercolor I made last year, I have other two WIP's that i'll be posting for the next week, in each one (including this) I'll explain step by step, helping  with some pics, the process I went through =)

Hope u like it!

For this illustration I was thinking on a Post-Apocalyptic scene, so, I took as a refference the game I AM ALIVE, a short game set on this ambience I wanted to create. Saw some concept art and also played the Demo for PS3.

So, after I got all the refferences needed I did this sketch:

Some collapsed buildings and this character risking his life 
in the middle of the composition...

So, I started painting, first layer to know colors and position of 
every object and get rid off all those white spaces...

 At the same time I started to try to control the perspective 
and the change of planes...

 In here I already had all the objects with its respective color 
so I coul start focusing just on the change of planes and the little details, 
like reflections and some pipes and cables that are hanging...

  To bring some of the building to the foregound I added some shadows and darker colors
 was pretty difficult cuz it's a backlighting scene and almost everything should be dark...

 Then sended to the background the brown 
building at the right by taking out some pigment and Finally I added a very 
watery ocher to the whole composition...

And this is the final Result =)

Everything made on a 23x16,5cm Fine grained watercolor paper of 370gr

If you have any question about the process, don't hesitate to asking =D

Hope u Liked it! 


This was the last illustration we had to do last year. Our Teacher
gave us this illustration from a kid book: 

The Idea was to change the composition, make it a little bit more dinamic, we
had to change the typography too, so it could add movement to the scene, and, of course,
add some color...

We also had the chance to 
edit a little bit the text so we could work better, but never loosing the sense of it.

The text reads:

There is a wind of freedom, hard to control in this beginning of the year. 
The kids are really excited and the girls do not stop chatting.

The wind has been blowing hard and pushes the four leaves that are firm on the trees. 
From the window, Bibi feels them hitting the crystals...

This was my result =)

Hope u enjoy it as i did making it!!

see you next time! =)

Sketch Corner 5

Weekly Update from my Skecht book

Some Character Test

 Random Stuff

Random (But Funny) Stuff...

Hope u Liked it!!
Next Week I'll be Posting 4 pages, I have a lot already done, so
expect more from now on =D

Have a Nice day People!!!

Oct 21, 2012

Imitating Graphite with Photoshop Brushes

The other day in class 
we had to customize some brushes, trying to imitate
a graphite pencil.

This is the result I got...

Would you know which one is the digital one? cuz I have bad memory 
and I've spent like an hour staring at this thing and have no clue...

Really, no joke at all, not funny either...

Comment if u like and tell me what you think =D

Sketch Corner 4

As promised, three pages =D

Here you can see the Sketch for "Dog Days" (Top left corner), 
some random stuff and practicing some hands.

 In class we gotta make a composition of five skeletons, so,
I decided to see which style I wanted to use.

Random sketches and trying to give form to some 
ideas for a shortfilm

Hopefully I will post three more next weekend, I've been drawing a lot lately,
so, you'll see more drawings around here for now on =D

Hope u like it!!

Oct 19, 2012

Spirit Day!

Today is Spirit Day!

Spirit Day is annual day in October when millions of Americans wear purple to speak out against bullying and to show their support for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) youth.

So, this post is dedicated to al those who suffered or is suffering bullying...

Be Strong, you're not alone 

My representation of the beauty inside every human being...

I also wanted to bring "Make it Stop!" an amazing video from Rise Against 

Hope u like it!

More info about Spirit Day on Here

Oct 14, 2012

Sketch Corner 3

Two More pages people!
Looking forward to three pages next week!

Dog Days

Yep! Another birthday gift, this time for 
my older brother 
(I do this very often when I have time and 
no money to spend on a gift haha)

Hope u like it!!!

Oct 6, 2012

Sketch Corner 2

Things I've drawn during this week! 

Some Sketches and a Cameo of Mr. Slender, I
had a dream where he appeared, so, he had to be drawn 

Random funny expressions

That's all for this week, I'll post more next weekend
Hope u liked it!!

Oct 3, 2012


Sonia Happy Birthday!! =D

Fast drawing as a gift to my friend, you can see some of her drawings Here!

Done with Easy Paint Tool SAI

Have a nice day!