Dec 17, 2012

Being Creative

Hello people, I'll have to apologize, 
this weekend I won't be able to bring you
  the Sketch Corner section, I've been full of work the whole week, 
instead, I bring you this sketches I made on class =D

The Idea was to take the pose of the model and basically create a different version
just using his body position as a reference, we had 20 min between poses to observe and draw it.

These are my weird creations, I used watercolor, color pencil and graphite

Enjoy!!! =D

Hope u liked it!

See you next weekend (After Apocalypse) with the Skecth Corner!!

Have a nice end of the world!! =D

Dec 9, 2012

Sketch Corner 11

HI! =D
This week you'll get the maximum of inspiration I 
can get sometimes, I like so much when drawings come this easy and good, and
as I'm sharing this full inspiration with you, I hope u love'em =)

Clearly, these ones have no sense at all, but the shading, line and 
the quickly and easy they were drawn makes them that special to me. =D

Again, these were very easy to draw, but I also
had a good time playing with their expressions.

From this one the ones on the top and bottom right 
corner are my favorites...

From left to right and up to down; a female face I plan on using for an
illustration this same week; an armed turtle made from a scratch; and a new kind of 
line and drawing style I'm practicing... 

And this is a test with different characters of the style mentioned on 
the last page, I'm actually thinking using this style for
the short-film I'm planning to do as my final project =D

Well, hope you enjoyed it as much as I did, I also hope
to keep or increase this level, so, wish me luck!

See you next week!!

Mr. Kneeless


Here I introduce you Mr. Kneeless, This is the story of how we met...


Di END! =D

Hahaha, was kinda funny looking at this again =)

Well, I guess u want an explanation about what's this, don't you?

Last year on Photography class we had to make a story with 10 photographs. As I'm 
ugly as hell, the option of Me being the main character of the story was totally discarded, so, as
I'm studying Illustration, making a character was a very good idea.

I saw a lot of people doing this kind of interaction with paper characters, so I wanted to give
it a try, and this was the result =D

Mr. Kneeless and the background were made with watercolor and a black pen on a 370gr watercolor paper. I made the photos with a PENTAX camera and then added some final touches with Photoshop.

Hope you enjoyed and laughed as much as I did!

See you guys!! =O 

Dec 3, 2012

Ink Skeleton FUN! =D

Ok, here you have a Class work
The Idea was to take some different poses, to practice both:
some natural poses that can help on the postures we would like to create, And the lineart style =)

I made it with Ink and Color pencils, then added some lighting effects with photoshop =D

Hope u like it!!

Sketch Corner 10

Hi Everyone!! =D

Here you have 5 more pages of sketches

Hope u like it! =)

 Random stuff...

 Weird looking guy and 
a girl, took a refference from an album photo, 
I just saw it once, so, I don't really remember 
which was, as soon as I know it I'll tell you =)

 Random faces...

 the two at the top, trying to practice a 
cartoon style, and down some random guys faces.

and Some more sketches, proud of the one on the 
bottom left corner xD

Hope you enjoyed this Sketch Corner!

See you next week!!! =D