Feb 18, 2013

Fast-Painting 2

Hi Guys!

Since I've been doing some of this fast-painting, I guess I can make a some kind of 
series if this gets enough love =D

These were made with Corel Painter 11 in less than 3 hours, finally I got the
chance to test better the program and see how it's like.

These are based on Under the Dome novel by Stephen King, if you had read it, you might know
what's going on xD


Feb 11, 2013

Sketch Corner 15

Hello guys!!
Hope you're having a nice weekend so far.
Here I brought you some sketches full of rage and others full of peace, you can see
with this I had a quite stressful moment when I was doing this pages, but then, as sudden as it came, it left, here I leave you with the transition =D


A picture is worth a thousand words, I couldn't do anything right 
during that week, and basically this is the rage I must contain inside me and manage
to express and filter through my drawings, but this time I just had too much (you
had to see the people in the train staring at me while I was drawing this, their faces were
just so funny xD).

 As you can see, the things here were cooling down, First I made the one on
the right, it's more controlled than the other, and then the total peaceful on the left 
is represented by this delicate girl en the left, I just left the sketch that way, 
as peaceful as it could be.

Always after I let go all the rage in one drawing like in the first one, my drawings
tend to get a little resent[?], I don't know if that's the word for it, but basically
these are some random sketches after the rage storm.

Some other sketches from Tony DiTerlizzi's book Ted, getting new ideas, but
these are not quite the ones I'm using right now.

 These drawing was first an idea from the book Under the Dome by Stephen King
 (Highly recommended), I'm probably going to do this from another perspective, but 
I'm currently using this idea on another drawing I expect to finish soon.

Well guess that's all for this week, I wanted to clarify that I'm usually a very calm person,
this rage you see in the first one is something I never express in real life, it's something, as
I said, manage to filter through my drawings, in fact, some of my best drawings come when
I'm a little bit angry xD

Hope you liked this weekend's issue of Sketch Corner, 
be calm guys!! haha

See you next Weekend!!


A while ago I made a fast-painting, 
it was a pretty nice thing to try, but I must say, doing it on traditional media
is quite a journey, you just don't put whatever you want wherever you want.

 I made this first one with a Watercolor base and then used Gouache to create the more thick and opaque parts, almost all the strokes were made with an sponge to get that texture, at the end I just didn't use much water so I could make drier strokes.

Then we have this one, I made it on Painter, first time I used this program, I couldn't get 
the same feeling as in the traditional, but as a first touch this was pretty nice, I made it on  half hour more  or less, I can't wait to get a new computer to test more this program, even though it's more complicated than Photoshop you get other interesting results =D

In case I get the chance, I'll bring you more speed paintings and stuff made with Painter.

Hope you liked it

See You!!

Feb 3, 2013

Sketch Corner 14

Well guys
This week I got you 5 pages of sketches, either for work or school (busy times jeje)

Here some ideas for the Red Riding hood custom story I posted last week,
the one in the top right is actually one of the sketches I used.
the character on the right bottom corner is just a random sketch =)

The sketch in the left is an Idea I wanted to use for 
the cover of the custom story (I just couldn't). And the happy fellow on the top
right is a face I had to repeat 3 times, but adding later different stuff, so they could
be different people, I'll show you the final as soon as my teacher gives it back to me.

Some Ideas for the Artistic drawing class, we have to create 5 characters that can be related on the way we want, for example, I chose to make little creatures that can be found on a backyard (A Stick-man, a Leaf-woman, a Coal-men, an Acorn-men and a  Key-man ), basically we have to keep the same style, but from what I can gather, this exercise is a gift =D

Another class stuff, from an illustrated book we have to recreate
a new illustration with our own style and work as if it's going to be published, so
we have to pay attention to the size. I chose "Ted" from Tony DiTerlizzi, and is about
an imaginary friend named Ted, these are previous sketches to see how he will be.

Finally, but no less important, some drawings for a game that's coming out soon.
Is a game for kids on iPad of a Pet shop, these are Ideas for the Mars shop pets.
A little cute Alien, A worried Chewie, Marvin from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (Awsome movie, gotta read the books), and the next two are random pets...

Well people hope u like this and I see you next weekend =D

Ni No Kuni IS HERE!! =D

Well, Here is IT! =D
So far an awsome game, you feel surrounded by the magic of  the Studio Ghibli, and
all the details they gave to the whole world of Ni No Kuni is just crazy.
Even the Wizard's Companion Book is so well detailed in every way, you can imagine you can actually live the same adventures as Oliver does.
Very recommended for the Studio Ghibli's fans. A Masterpeace so far!! =D

 This is a photo of the Wizard's Edition I got last saturday, a must buy just for the amount of effort and love they put to this project.

And to celebrate it, a quick drawing I made from one of the characters, a Mite Familiar prepared for the fight! =D

Hope u liked this post, see you! =D

© Level 5
©Studio Ghibli