Jul 20, 2013


Hey Guys!
The Exposition went GREAT!!! =D

Thanks a lot to all those who went or still going, since it'll be open 'till September, more or less.
We are very happy with this first experience, and also we've learned a lot from this.
In case you're not able to go and check it out, here are some photos taken the opening day

Enjoy!! =D

 Here we are from left to right DianaHakima, Me and David

 The entrance to the shop (Kamaleonika)

 My Mom's friends from work from left to right (Eva, my Mom, Mariano and Eva)

I also take a chance to tell you an update I've made on the blog. Since I got a DeviantART
account, I have some drawings there you can actually buy in many different ways. I added this "Shop" button so you can go and check it out =)

I'll be uploading some new Illustrations there, so if you want, you can buy them, and alongside I'll be putting in this blog the process for some of those same drawings, with some extra sketches to explain a little bit how I work =)

See you guys!!

Jul 7, 2013



After EONS (almost), of no posting anything, but ANYTHING! at all
I'm back, so you can punch me in the face anytime you want for abandoning you =)
BUT!, before you do me a facial surgery with your fists, I want to invite you all
(that means all the people that might be near Barcelona or IN Barcelona) to my first

This is a collab-expo with my classmates and also very good friends of mine, Diana Francitorra, David Fernández and Hakima El Kaddouri, all of them very professionals and also very talented.

You'll see lots of very good illustrations and you'll also be able to buy some reproductions 
we made, but in case u don't find an specific one just ask us if you go and see the expo!! =D

The name of the expo is "Leaving the Locker", we named it like that, since we all are leaving
this common life we had of putting everything we had inside the lockers at school, and also the schedules, classes and everything that meant that routine of going to school.

We're now a step from our title of illustrators, even though we have done something in the professional  world already, we want to celebrate all the artistic knowledge and skills we've gathered on school and show it to the world! xD

So I hope to see you there, even though I barely know anyone who sees this blog xD

Here you have our Poster, every face is a self-portrait, I put them together on Ps and the rest was also made digitally.

We'll open this Friday July 12th at 18:00 in El Guinardó, Cartagena St. 318. BCN
You can take the Metro service, Line 5, it's the dark-blue one and arrive to Sant Pau / Dos de Maig, so you'll be closer xD

Here I also leave you my fellas' Blogs, so you can check them out too =)

You can also check out the store where we're doing this, they sell amazing handmade stuff:


Well guys, may this post be the first of many on this month.
I really hope to keep up the rhythm this time and start posting everything I've been working on this time =)

All said, you now can proceed with the face-punching

See you soon!!!! =D