Jan 27, 2013

Sketch Corner 13

As promised another Sketch Corner.

Here you'll see more likely what I was talking about "New Stuff"

 This is more or less the kind of line and shadows I'm using most of the time

 Here a random Sketch and a previous idea for the first
Illustration of the Red Riding Hood custom story... (Sorry for the angle)

 Random funny sketches

 Some sketches and Ideas for the next page...

here is an sketch of something I'm currently drawing on Digital, I
also need to add some other characters, (If you don't understand it's okay, is kind
of an inner joke I guess haha)

Well, soon you'll see more accurate drawings, following this line,
After getting so much kicks in the (kids don't read this plz) nuts, I think I'm getting there,
having more clear Ideas of my future.

See you guys next weekend!! =D

The Hunter's Son - Red Riding Hood custom story

This Kinda talks by itself, so, I'll just let you know that "This" is
what took me almost the whole Christmas holidays to do, and the one to blame
for not posting anything for almost a month now.

The Idea was to make 5 illustrations of the RRH story, almost everyone was doing it
based on the main story, so I basically made up what happened after that story ended.

As it was a custom story I had to make more illustrations so it could be more
believable, and also because I like to suffer, looks like...

So, here you have it!

The Hunter's Son
Red Riding Hood Custom Story

Well, I think that's a whole month of almost rage quit endless work haha

But I actually had a lot of fun with the drawings, learned a few things too, but must
important, now I realize I need a new computer, soon...

Hope u liked it!! see you! =D

Sketch Corner 12!! The COMEBACK!! >=D

Okey guys, I guess is not very professional to live people
who watches you without even an "I'll be back soon?",
 "Happy New Year", "Yes, I'm still Alive" or "I was on a Bunker thanks to Mayans, Sorry"...

The thing is that I've been doing lots of ... How would I call them?... Things?... Stuff!!
Let's call them stuff  =D

This ones bellow are from before Christmas, so, they don't count as "New" 
I guess, but this is the regular line we have to follow so you can see
my progress.

On these two pages I tried to apply some kind of 
different styles to the main characters of a personal 
project I'm willing to do for the end of the summer of this year 

Nothing in particular here, just some random

Testing some poses...

Random sketches and that very well made scope at 
the left bottom corner was drawn by one of my classmates, 
he does Hiper-realistic drawings, as soon as I get his blog I'll post it in this post =D

There is not too much to say about these pages, just practicing on 
the train while going and coming from school and work...

Well guys, Since I've been gone for more than a month, I'll be posting 
another Sketch Corner for tomorrow morning (Central Europe Time).

See you then!!