Nov 25, 2012

Sketch Corner 9

Hi!! =D

Today I bring ya other 5 pages again! 
I've been drawing a lot, that means I'm reading to little
don't really know what's better xD

But the thing is I'll be able to bring you 5 pages more often =)

Soo, here u go!

 Trying to work on the lineart style, give it some dynamic feeling...

On here I began to work on ideas 
for a Class work, I hope submit it soon =)

Practicing animals, skeletons and 
weird looking kids... wait, forget that last one 

Two animals tests, a wolf idea for the red riding hood 
and a random sketch

Finally you can see  a weird looking... something?, I just don't kown
what i draw there, but it gives me the kreeps, a very sociable bird asking for your phone number, a Suricate and a random face sketch...

Well hope u all liked it =D

See you next week!! =O

Digital wants to be Traditional =)

Here I bring you some Digital Practice we do at School

We try to imitate traditional techniques, as you already saw the graphite pencil one
I wanted to show you other techniques we tested.

NOTE: For a better look, do a full screen, so you can see the texture =)

Hope you like it =)

Chinese Ink

 Color pencil


Hope you liked it! =)

See you soon fellows!!

Nov 18, 2012

Sketch Corner 8

Hello People!! =D

Today I bring you 5 pages from my sketchbook, 
I've been drawing more than reading in the train, I'll possibly upload 5 more next week, so
Have a nice week and Enjoy! =D

Some random drawings and practicing some skeleton's skulls for 
artistic drawing class... 

some more skull practice and a random face =) 

 The little kid is a sketch for a triptych
 I actually had been working on the past 2 hours, unfortunately I used
Other illustration, even though I like this one =/
The skeleton practice and a random sketch =)

 First you can see some quick sketches for a game for iPad
I'm working along with other three illustators =)
And some test for a Red Riding Hood story.

And some faces I do when I'm boring on the train.
Very proud of Nosferatu's cousin =D

Hope u liked it!

Remember that you can also visit my DArt profile if you wish to see some
done artwork =)

See you next week People!!!! =D

Nov 12, 2012

Testing snimation skills

Hey there guys!!

Wanted to bring something new to this place, and since I have some 
animation tests, I wanted to bring them little by little.

What you see here is one of the animation test I made two years ago for a project I had in mind. The technique, for those who don't know it, is called Rotoscoping.

I found this explanation on Wikipedia (oddly):

Rotoscoping is an animation technique in which animators trace over footage, frame by frame, for use in live-action and animated films. Originally, recorded live-action film images were projected onto a frosted glass panel and re-drawn by an animator. This projection equipment is called a rotoscope, although this device has been replaced by computers in recent years. In the visual effects industry, the term rotoscoping refers to the technique of manually creating a matte for an element on a live-action plate so it may be composited over another background.

You can find a lot of ways to make it, the one I used is the one I discovered, I know that is very sure some else did it this way before me, but, by the time I did it, I didn't even knew the name of the technique, so, yeah, I'm kinda slow...

it's very simple, I recorded myself doing this movement, then I uploaded all the 46 frames to Photoshop, in order as layers, then i just had to draw every frame, eliminate the video frames and then save as Gif. document, then you just have to adjust some stuff about the speed of every frame and some basics, save and Here you go!

And for those who wonder how do I take all the flesh leaving my hand bones outside...
I just didn't, yeah, I haven't learned how to do that... yet, I managed to create every bone from the form of the hand and having some refferences from anatomy books, I'm very proud of the result =)

Hope u like it people!! =D

More of this soon...

Sketch Corner 7

Sorry would be the word?
I know I'm a little late, just one or two days, but I just had this
lazy weekend when doing school stuff wasn't on my plans, just
sitting around, chilling, playing videogames, mostly playing, well... I think I just did that =D

BUT!, lucky me, I dont have to work on mondays, so I have this little freetime where
I can do my things, and here you are, some of my recent pages, just for you xD

Enjoy people!! =)

Although this one is not full as I like, I was pretty inspired when I did all
the sketches you see on this page.

 Can't say the same when I did this one xD

 The one in the bottom is an Idea 
for an Illustration we gotta make.

Finally but not less importat, wanted to test some expressions,
I'm proud of this one =D

Ok, here you had it, the weekly dose of sketches.

Hope u liked it!!

See you next week! 

Nov 5, 2012

Hooded and Ready!

Ok, I know that's a little too late for posting this, but I just recieved my ACIII Join or Die Edition
and I wanted to do something to celebrate this after more or less 3 years waiting for
a game this big, so, I took the sketch that you can find on my Sketch Corner 5 post and
made some changes on SAI very quick so it could look like this =D

Hope u like it!

Also, I leave you this amazing cinematic trailer, my favorite one =D

Hope u liked it, if not, you're definitely a Templar.

Nov 4, 2012

Watercolor and Graphite WIP of my dear sleeping Cat (Kenshu)

Hey Guys! 
Here is another WIP just for your eyes, made on watercolor 
and then the final touches with a 4B pencil =D


Well, first of all, I took as a refference a sketch I made before looking at my cat
that was sleeping on his little bed 
I made it with an 8B graphite Bar

After doing a tracing of the drawing on a Basik DinA4 plus paper, I began painting, 
placing the colors and controling the light, shadows and the volumes...

 At this point I had all the watercolor work almost done, but I wasn't 
aware that to continue I was going to use a Graphite Pencil, I was sure 
it needed something else to be entirely finished.

The next day it was completly clear that it needed something darker, just to give a more 
realisting touch to the scene, the solution, as I said, was a 4B Graphite Pencil, mainly on the cat, had some problems on the back leg and the tail, but they were eventually fixed =)

Here is the final well scanned result...

Well, this is all the WIP, hope u liked it

Next time I'll bring you a Gouache WIP, It doesn't have as many photos to explain but I'll
manage to tell you every detail so you know well the behind the scenes...

See you people =D

Sketch Corner 6

Hello everyone!
4 more pages as promised =D

 Here at the top you can see some tests for 
some skeletons I gotta do on class

 Not really inspired that day actually, but I managed 
to fill the page =)

 The top middle one was an idea for something
I'm going to post later, but I came with something better, but I still
like it anyways. Also some random sketches.

Here you can see from left to right and then down:
Drawing made from a scrawl; a little red riding hood character test; and a random
sketch that has something, but I still don't know it yet, I'll find it out =D

Well, nice and gentle people, this is all the sketch corner for this week
Hope u Liked it!!! 

See you soon!