Sep 30, 2012

Sketch Corner 1

Hello People!!! =D

This is gonna be the NEW and FIRST section from this blog, in this section I will post every weekend sketches I do on my sketchbook on my freetime (I hope), I'll also try to say something about every page (perhaps the reason why I did some of the sketches and those kind of stuff). Next time I wont be posting this much quantity of pages, maybe two or three, all these pages are from two week ago till today, I just wanted to show this since the first page to the last one, so you can also see my progress.

so, let's start, shall we?

 The first one on the sketchbook, I tried to take a detail 
from this guy on DArtCheck it out!

 Testing some faces for some characters

 Some Randomness

 The girl is and Idea for the concept "Inner Beauty", and this guy 
is kind of a Mad Bandleader

 Some drawings from scrawls

 Testing Shadows

 Some sketches for a shortfilm idea

 Trying to draw some expressions

 And finally random ideas and a little background idea I
want to make on a big canvas someday =)

Sometimes I take this ideas and make a finished drawing, in case that happens I'll put a link to the 
post where the corresponding sketch is.

Well hope u Liked it!. See u on the next Post! =O

Sep 29, 2012


Well, looks like I finally made it. I was afraid about making a blog, it's the sort of things you gotta lead constantly so it can work out well, and I'm kind of lazy sometimes with this kinda stuff, but I'll take it easy, and do this like a personal journal. I'll try to put some WIP's and sketches that I don't usually upload to my DeviantART (By the way, you should check it out!, the link is right there --> =D), also if I find something interesting I'll share it to you, so you people can get to know me better. In case you want to do any request, you'll find all the info you need about contact me on my profile.

That's my presentation people!, it's Saturday and I had kind of a rough week, so maybe I'll post some scrawls tomorrow =), so, come in and don't put your feet on my coffe table, that just rude! ¬¬

Good evening!!!! =O