Jul 20, 2013


Hey Guys!
The Exposition went GREAT!!! =D

Thanks a lot to all those who went or still going, since it'll be open 'till September, more or less.
We are very happy with this first experience, and also we've learned a lot from this.
In case you're not able to go and check it out, here are some photos taken the opening day

Enjoy!! =D

 Here we are from left to right DianaHakima, Me and David

 The entrance to the shop (Kamaleonika)

 My Mom's friends from work from left to right (Eva, my Mom, Mariano and Eva)

I also take a chance to tell you an update I've made on the blog. Since I got a DeviantART
account, I have some drawings there you can actually buy in many different ways. I added this "Shop" button so you can go and check it out =)

I'll be uploading some new Illustrations there, so if you want, you can buy them, and alongside I'll be putting in this blog the process for some of those same drawings, with some extra sketches to explain a little bit how I work =)

See you guys!!

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