Oct 30, 2013


New Blog Thing GUYS!!

I guess being sorry doesn't work around here anymore, so I'm Moving on to this new Blog =D

I'm trying to be more active on the comunity, but beig at home with my family sometimes makes me very lazy, that's why I'm taking a new path to solve this lazy thing...

As I had some unsolved problems with this blog's templates (It doesn't friggin' WORK!!) I decided to give a new face to my presentation here on the internet by creating a new one, I'll put a link on the main bar so you don't get lost, and also a link to this one on the new blog so I don't lose the posts I made here =B

Also I take the oportunity to Thank you guys, I've been receiving a lot of views even though I haven't posted a living thing for the longest time, and also tell you that I would like to have a little more of feedback from you by making some commisions or contests =D

Well, here you have the link to the new Blog

See You There!!

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