Mar 11, 2013

Sketch Corner 16

Hi Guys!

I'm so sorry for the delay, I've been moving on the past 2 weeks and my internet
connection right now sucks, so, today I'll bring you not 6, or 7 pages, but 100!! pages =D
I'm just kidding haha...   Please don't kill me D=  
Here you have 8 pages =)


Here are some random sketches, trying to use more the blue pencil...

More Sketches for TED by Tony DiTerlizzi

Another Sketch for TED xD

This was a class stuff, the thing is there had to be a repetition and then 
a sudden change you could see from very far...

Some random sketches and the Mite from Ni No Kuni xD

Getting bored in the train back home, so I made this Bully-face guy
and that weird looking Alien[?]

Testing some poses inspired by some epic songs I use to hear xD

And finally this masked guy and some sketches on the right for the
Under the Dome's class-project I'm working on =)

I gotta say I wont be uploading weekly as I use to, due to my problem with the internet xD
but don't worry, I'll be working on new stuff, and as soon as I get a better connection
I hope that I can upload things more often...

So, see you next time!!

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