Mar 11, 2013

Tryng to Move On (WIP + Finished)

Hello again!

I wanted to bring this to you, so you can see how I looked the past 2 weeks
while I was moving on xD

First of all, I don't have as many photos as the others WIP, but I
believe that these three are enough for what I want to explain...

Do you know that expression that sometimes mistakes give opportunities to great
discoveries, well, this big brown stain on my drawing is the proof of it, but let's go step by step, shall we?

First I Traced a previous Sketch on a watercolor paper and stained with a sponge the whole paper with brown, then (I most say this was the first time I actually made something seriously on gouache) I started painting, that dark brown "teddybear" was the first thing I did, I regret it as soon as I did it, but the it became a wonderful funny add to the final painting...

I made a very watery gouache, since this was my first time, but the figure of the teddybear, gave me Literally headache, no joke, was a total pain in the eyes... 

 Here, as you can see, disappeared, my teacher had the most fantastic Idea, cover it till' we could decide properly how to fix it, So I continued painting, adding lights and shadows to the composition.

When I got almost everything done, my teacher came again and said: "I would just tear that brown thing"

Magic Words were those, thus 'that' we did, then everything made sense, it was the right color,
the right place, the right amount and of course, the right time...

Now you can see why...

After that I just added some graphite on some places.

Hope you like this as much as I did!! =D

P.D.: The original from this one probably will be posted on the "Salón del Cómic" at Barcelona
on my school Stand, "Escola Llotja", so if you want to see it on live, go and check out some other great Illustrations from my classmates =)

See you!!!

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