Mar 29, 2013

Petshopmania - Shops around the World

Finally Guys!!

After several months working along with a very talented crew,Petshopmania, the game were my classmate Marina Vidal and myself made all the illustrations, has been released!!! =D

It's a very addictive and challenging game, I must say that I enjoyed looking and being part of the process of creating a game, was a wonderful experience throughout these months, were not only I saw and realize how much work this takes to be done, even being a small game, but I could also see, along with my classmate, that as illustrators, this kind of challenges makes us better, at least that's what I can tell from the firsts ideas and sketches we had.

As the game goes through pet shops around the world, I was requested to make the backgrounds for each of them, while my classmate was asked to make the animals that were inside.

And here I introduce you all the pet shops backgrounds I made for the game =)

African Pet Shop

Chinese Pet Shop

Poles Pet Shop

Indian Pet Shop

Martian Pet Shop

Sea Pet Shop

Throughout the development we were also asked to make other ilustrations for the game, for example, I made the background for the main menu, but I also used the animals Marina made previously; the slide menu were you choose the worlds were something that I made too using backgrounds and animals made previously; also the inside of every shop was drawn by me, and the shop were you can buy coins and stuff was made by Marina.

Obviously this was a team work, the developers and designers made a fantastic job giving life  to this nice game, so I basically give all my thanks to them who did and still doing a great work =D

If you think I'm fooling you, try Petshopmania yourself, and you'll see that I'm no joking, for the apple users the game will come out in less than a week I guess, I'll post the link here as soon as  possible =D 

And here you have the page of Marina Vidal Illustrations, so you can see some of her work too =)

Well guys, see you soon and 
expect some Sketch Corner for the end of the week!

Byeee!! =D

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